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My experience with a London escort

I visited London for a business meeting about two weeks ago. Because I was alone, I decided to hire a London escort to keep me company and show me around during my stay in London. I contacted a reputable London escort agency that I was referred to by my friend and to be sincere, they surpassed my expectations. Their customer support staff are very professional and friendly. They give me the assistance I needed and hooked my up with a blonde curvy lady with a cute face and smile that I choose from their site. Another important thing that I have to mention about this London escort agency is that they have a wide list of beautiful escorts from different parts of the world. Whether you love thick, slim or somewhere in between, you are guaranteed that you will find an escort that suits you.

Within an hour, the escort that I chose was on my hotel doorsteps. That impressed me because it was pretty fast. I was also impressed by the fact that the escort looks exactly the way she did on the video call I had with her moments earlier. I am saying this because about a year ago, I hired an escort and when she showed up at my apartment, I was confused because she looked different and not in a nice way. The fact the London escort that I chose looked exactly the way she was on the video call that I had with her was a turn on to me.


My escort was a blonde Italian lady. I love Italian girls. In fact, any time I choose an escort, I usually go for an Italian girl. Her gorgeous smile, blonde hair, cute face, and thick curves was a real turn on to me. In addition to her beauty, I was also impressed with her intelligence, charisma, and great communication skills. She was also very friendly. The moment she stepped into my hotel room I never felt bored.


I had an important business meeting within two hours and I decided to go with her. I was very impressed with the way she presented herself while at the meeting. She had excellent communication skills and good table etiquette. After the meeting, I wanted to explore this beautiful city and she took me to different great spots in London. While we were having a conversation, she revealed to me that her parents moved to London, from Italy while she was still young, meaning that she has spent nearly her entire life in London. That is why she knew this city so well.

I had booked her for only eight hours but decided to extend it to 24 hours because she really impressed me. I had an amazing time for the entire duration I spent with her. The escort not only had a great personality but also knew how to treat a man. Although I had only met her for a few hours, felt like we had known each other for years. She was committed to making me feel happy and gave me even more then what I expected. I also like the fact that she was a good listener.


For anyone who is thinking of hiring an escort in London, I advise them to do so via a reputable London escort agency. They are not only very professional but they will also hook you up with a beautiful lady with great charisma who will give you a lifetime experience.


Making the best of meeting an escort

Meeting her may be quite exciting once you have booked an escort from an agency in Central London. However, it would be best to have a guide on how you approach things so that you make the best of the experience and money you are paying for the service. Escorts from agencies are required to have a certain level of consistency and thus are professional in what they do. Due to the demand for London escorts, agencies are recruiting the best of the best and, therefore, quite competitive. Meeting the girl you picked from the agency should be something you look forward to, and this article will guide you on the steps to it.

Meeting an escort is not like picking up a girl you met someday earlier for a date. You need to adhere to the following:


1. Take extra care upon arrival

Since you are working with an agency, do not get overwhelmed and think nothing out of the normal can happen. As you pick your escort, be careful about it and first lookout from a distance for any suspicious activity. You will have pinpointed your beautiful lady from the location, and if you, not anything fishy, do not hesitate but walk away. If everything is okay, approach her and confirm she is the girl you choose from her agency profile picture and confirm she is of legal age.


2. Ask for payment option

A Central Lady escort will always want assurance that you will pay for the service before going farther. As a gentleman who is seeking satisfaction from an escort’s service, ask for the most convenient payment option she can agree on. If possible, use cash for its safer for this and will assure you of no tracebacks when it comes to the privacy of your status. Do not pay before all is done, but assure her she will get paid and now proceed to your room or residence.

3. Care about your belongings

The last thing you want is to get mugged by an escort and despite the reputation of the agency you choose from, its good to be careful. See to it that all your valuables are safely placed in the room, and nothing can get stolen without you noticing. The easiest way to get mugged is by her asking you to shower, and thus you need to be wise and do something about it. You can hide your key once you two get inside or make sure your belongings are well hidden also.


4. Do not rush the moments

You are indeed looking for a good time with the beautiful escort you choose, and therefore you should not rush things. Make her as comfortable as possible first, having a nice and warm conversation that is respectful in words so that you do not have any misunderstandings. Rushing into the service, you requested whether sensation massage or sex is not the best idea since it makes things quite obvious. Take your time and pour some wine if she is okay with it and be natural at it. Please her, and since escorts are professional in what they do, she will notice and guarantee you the best customer experience.

London Escorts and Exact Specifications

One of the great things about hiring London escorts these days is that miscommunication is rarely a problem. The women will usually advertise their services online. They will make it clear which sex acts they will want to perform and when. They will also make their physical appearance and other factors abundantly clear. People will have a lot of options for escorts online, and it will be easy for them to be able to find escorts in Central London who will want to work with them.

There is rarely miscommunication about payment. In the old days, escorts would often be in a situation where the clients would disagree about the price. The price of escort services will usually be plainly stated on the websites, so there is no confusion. People who are ordering a Dinner Date service, for instance, will often get two hours of public time in the bargain in addition to one hour of private time, and that will all be included in the price. However, it is still not a good idea to make any assumptions in that regard. People should make sure that the specific escort service is offering those particular parameters.

Overnight stays will often specifically be measured in terms of eight-hour units. People will usually not have to worry about sleeping so long that they are back on the clock and they have to pay more than they expect, but this is a possibility that they should discuss with the sex workers in advance. It is hard to say exactly how long a person will sleep, especially in the wake of some very energetic sexual activities with a person who is a documented professional. However, for the most part, an overnight stay will cost people between one thousand and two thousand euros and people will not end up spending much more money even if they fall asleep.

There are other factors that might affect the price. Some escorts will charge more for specific services rather than others. Most escorts will charge more for out-calls as opposed to in-calls. There might be different rates for additional hours past a certain point. In some cases, escorts will charge by the hour, so two hours will just double the price of one hour. However, other escorts will charge people a two-hour fee that will end up being smaller than that. For instance, people might pay one hundred and fifty dollars for two hours from an escort, but they would not pay seventy-five dollar for one hour. In that regard, the two-hour package might actually be the bargain.

Obviously, most people are not going to want to focus too much on the actual price involved here. Hiring high-class sex workers is never going to be hugely inexpensive, and this is something that people will accept. Central London has plenty of escorts who will happily work with a wide range of clients in order to provide many different services, making things easier for the clients and for themselves in most cases.

Time to meet your escort in London

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